welcome to paradise

Welcome to our garden

Seems that the more plants we have around, the better life will be. Not just for people, but for the birds, the bees, all insects and animals, the air and water and soil, everybody! Getting back to the garden has never been better advice.

We turned that advice into our lifestyle and are happily spending our time surrounded with the herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms which we use for food, medicine, and bodycare.

Come in, come in! Come meet the plants! A plant-based life is not only plantastic, it’s Paradise.

Enplantae skincare
Farm-made Skincare. Small Batch. Vegan.

vegan skin careSheri makes all of our skincare by hand at the micro-farm studio using our own herbs and veg as well as purchased certified organic herbs and veggies. You’ll also find organic fair trade vegetable oils and butters as ingredients, as well as pure essential oils.

You won’t find any unnecessary or undesirable additives like synthetic fragrances and preservatives, or animal by-products.

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garden blog

Paradise City Micro-Farm is based in Northampton, Massachusetts, and run by husband-and-wife-farmers Hawkeye and Sheri Pierce.

We practice organic growing methods, never using any herbicides or pesticides! We love and are influenced by gardening from a permaculture perspective, food as medicine, and Traditional Western Herbalism. Our aim is to provide beautiful, healthful veg and herbs to our community, support wildlife and plant biodiversity in our garden, and leave the land we farm better than we found it.

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fresh herbs

You can find our herbs and produce at River Valley Co-op in Northampton during the growing season.

Wheat Grass for Pets is available there year-round.