baby bell peppers

Paradise City Micro-Farm is based in Northampton, Massachusetts, and run by husband-and-wife-farmers Hawkeye and Sheri Pierce.

We specialize in:

  • Culinary & medicinal herbs
  • Salad & cooking greens
    • Hot peppers
  • Log-cultivated shiitake mushrooms
      • Wheat grass for pets
    • Vegan herbal skincare & soaps

Because we’re tight on space, we also rent land in Hadley. Both spots combined make about a half-acre that’s under our care.

Pretty small for a farm, right? More like a beautiful sprawling garden. To coax a big yield from our limited land, we’ve adopted techniques from modern urban farming and traditional French intensive gardening.

We also practice organic growing methods, never using any herbicides or pesticides! We love and are influenced by gardening from a permaculture perspective, food as medicine, and Traditional Western Herbalism.

t: 413-586-9990   |   e: sheri @ paradise-city-micro-farm.com

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