Meet the Farmers

Micro-Farm News

Our community television station did a feature on the Florence Farmers Market where we’re new vendors. My vegan skincare didn’t make it onto t.v., but our mushrooms (and Hawkeye’s VW bus) did :)

August 21, 2013

August Special: Coconut Hair Conditioner 33% Off

Micro-Farm News

Last post, I announced the exciting giveaway each week in August of my¬†Coconut Hair Conditioner from¬†Arjuni Hair. In case you’re not one of the lucky four, you can get a jar of this deep conditioning, tangle reducing, split end repairing, shine enhancing conditioner for yourself at a deeply reduced price for the rest of the […]

August 9, 2013

Right Livelihood in the Beauty Industry?

Micro-Farm News

“To practice Right Livelihood (samyag ajiva), you have to find a way to earn your living without transgressing your ideals of love and compassion. The way you support yourself can be an expression of your deepest self, or it can be a source of suffering for you and others… We should be awake to the […]

August 7, 2013

Herbs for You, Me, and the Bees

Herban Gardening

Want to know the downside of this beautiful basketful of herbs? It was stolen! Yes, stolen from the bees. They were already busy at work in the garden when I went out in the morning to pick. Being all too painfully aware of the horrors threatening the bees’ survival (Colony Collapse Disorder, poisoning, industrial farming, […]

July 17, 2013