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Join me at #HandmadeChat 2/28!

#HandmadeChat on Twitter

Every Thursday at 8pm ET, the Indie Business Network (IBN) hosts #HandmadeChat, a weekly Twitter talk show to coach, inform and inspire handmade and creative entrepreneurs. I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be next week’s guest!

Indie Business Network is a niche community of small and independent business owners in the handmade and artisanal health, beauty and lifestyle industries. I’ve been a member since 2006 and honestly can’t imagine how anyone like me survives the challenges we face without having IBN in their corner.

If you’re currently working as an Indie and or want to transition to Indiehood, join me and my fellow Indies at #HandmadeChat on Thursday nights for real world tips and actionable ideas you can use to grow your business.

Have a question for me you’d like answered at #HandmadeChat? Submit it here.

Not sure how to participate? Here’s a post from IBN’s founder, Donna Maria Coles Johnson, explaining how it works.

Connect with me on Twitter at

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November Special: Save 15% on Eye Creme

handmade vegan eye creme, on sale

This creme is a customer favorite. Light-textured, smooth and creamy, it moisturizes and protects the delicate skin around your eyes.

Handmade with organic rose petals, my garden violets, and fresh cucumber, as well as organic rosehip seed oil, mango butter, aloe vera and organic rose hydrosol. With a gentle rose aroma. Also available unscented (no essential oils).

Now in a new (and can I say, more stylish) jar. I’m so excited my glass distributor has started carrying these little beauties!

Packaged in a 1 oz. glass jar with recyclable silver aluminum cap,
Regular Price= $13.50, On Sale= $11.48


Compliments given to me when I had an in-store demo recently:

“I love this creme so much I use it for my whole face, not just my eyes.”
“This creme has really improved my skin tone.”
“Thank you for keeping your eye creme so reasonably priced.”


Offer good thru December 15, 2012

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August Greetings from Herban Paradise

fresh-picked elderberries


For me, August in Western Massachusetts is all about Goldenrod, Elderberry & Echinacea!

Read about these important Winter medicines in the latest Newsletter, plus get the details on my upcoming in-store demo at River Valley Market as part of the ‘Eat Local America’ celebration.


River Valley Market will be offering 10% off on all Paradise City Herbal skin and baby care. Online shoppers can take advantage of our local celebration too:

Save 10% on all Skin and Baby care products through September 15, 2012.


My monthly newsletter is also available by email subscription. The email version has subscriber-only specials, first-looks at new products, and subscriber-only giveaways. Grab your copy here 🙂


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I Have the Best Job

herbal eye creme
freshly made herbal eye creme


My husband came by today just as I was finishing up a new batch of eye cremes.

He looked at the big tub of coconut oil, jars of herbal oils, aloe, rose hydrosol, and all the other ingredients piled on the counter, along with the neatly-lined-up little jars of fresh creme.

He watched as I rubbed some leftover shea butter onto my elbows and knees, then proclaimed, “You have the best job!”

He’s right – I do!

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Sweet Almond Oil, at last!

skin serum

Until now, I’ve avoided using sweet almond oil because it’s on the hit list for people with nut allergies (although someone with a nut allergy won’t necessarily be allergic to nut oil in a topical product- I just try to err on the side of caution).

But when developing my new Skin Serums, it was hard to find another oil as light-textured, as penetrating and well-absorbed as almond oil is. It feels and smells wonderful!

Sweet almond oil is a rich source of vitamins A and E, and has a long history of use in body care. It moisturizes and soothes skin, and is beneficial for all skin types. It’s also fabulous for your hair, nourishing hair and smoothing hair cuticles.

One of the things I love best about almond oil is that it’s as good used “straight” as it is blended with other oils. It brings its soft, satiny qualities to all my serums while remaining non-greasy feeling.

I’m really excited to have this “best-known beauty secret” added to my herbal pantry at last!


With one hesitation- While I am glad that I can source almond oil that comes from the U.S.,

the pollination of California’s almonds is the largest annual managed pollination event in the world, with close to one million hives (nearly half of all beehives in the USA) being trucked in February to the almond groves. Much of the pollination is managed by pollination brokers, who contract with migratory beekeepers from at least 49 states for the event. (Wikipedia)

This practice is one cause of colony collapse disorder. As much as I want to support our farmers, I cannot in good conscience use a product that is so harmful to bees.

I’ll continue this conversation in another post and welcome any comments you have….