Herbal Balm


Deeply moisturizes dry skin.

2 oz. glass jar


Rich and hydrating, melts on contact. Replaces lost moisture to soothe and soften dry skin.


Green Tea: Improves skin tone, helps promote cell renewal.

Chickweed: Emollient and soothing.

Lettuce: Tones and rejuvenates.

Mango Butter:  Adds moisture to the skin.

Coconut Oil: Highly emollient and moisturizing.

Cocoa Butter: Softening, creamy and emollient.

Candelilla Wax: Vegan substitute for beeswax, derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub. Softening and protective.

Essential Oils: In addition to adding exquisite natural aroma, they nourish the skin and can stimulate cellular renewal.


Shelf life

12 months