D.I.Y. Herbal Spa Meetup

Bathtub Therapy, D.I.Y.

  BIG THANKS to Jennifer Goodheart at Acadia Herbals, Brittany Wood Nickerson of Thyme Herbal, and everyone at the “D.I.Y. Herbal Spa Meetup” on Sunday! SO much fun to relax and swap tips and recipes with other bathtub goddesses while sipping Jennifer’s delightful Jasmine-Lemongrass tea :) (Join our herbal group at Meetup.com if you’d like to catch the next […]

November 10, 2011

Bathtub Therapy

Bathtub Therapy, D.I.Y.

Stressful day? Try some “Bathtub Therapy” (or, when the going gets tough, the tough get into the tub)! Baths can be so soothing, both for body and mind. When I’m feeling fritzed, there’s nothing better than sinking into a big tub with a cup of tea and good book. I like to soak in herbal […]

October 22, 2011