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Gettin’ Fresh at the Farmers Market

at the farmers market

Here’s our stand last week at the fabulous Florence Farmers Market with fresh-cut herbs, heirloom tomatoes, ‘Ronde de Nice’ zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, and handmade vegan herbal bodycare.

Have you been? The buzz from shoppers there is that the Florence Wednesday market has a great selection of everything you need at better prices than the Northampton Tuesday market. Plus, you get to relax on the grass under the trees, instead of hanging on the pavement.

And you can sample my *brand new* Linden Night Creme, made with organic linden leaf and flower, homegrown comfrey, organic green tea, orange blossom hydrosol, and jasmine flower wax. Moisturizing and rejuvenating with a sweet, exotic aroma, this blend was designed for mature, dehydrated, devitalized skin and will be added to the online store soon.

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Spring Cleaning in the Online Store

Spring Cleaning

After a long, cold, dark Winter, it always feels so good to throw open the windows, shake off the cobwebs, and do some serious Spring cleaning!

I’ve had this “cleaning itch” about my online store too. You may remember that I used to offer different fun things that changed with the season. This dwindled as I moved from craft fairs and farmers markets into selling primarily through retail shops.

Having a more limited, “fixed” set of bodycare products made it easier for me to make them in greater numbers (I still do almost everything by hand) while helping trim losses from spoilage (fresh and natural spoils so much quicker).

But the downside is, well, it gets boring! So I’m taking a cue from the renewal happening out in the garden and reinvigorating my crafting (and therefore, my life)!

Being back at a farmers market this year gives me a little space for experimentation. I’ve been collecting so many fabulous recipes- I can’t wait to share them with you!

Along with new recipes, I’m excited to be working more with a wider range of herbs, including Sage, Elder Flower, Linden Leaf, and Pine Needle. You’ll grow to love them as much as I do 😉

Everything will be available both in the Paradise City Herbal Online Store as well as at our booth at the Florence Farmers Market.

I’ll be doing a bit of remodeling in the store too, so please pardon the dust over the next couple weeks….