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Vegan Skincare relaunches March 22


Bursting with fresh energy and new ideas, I’m ready to dig in and get busy. Hiatus was exactly what I needed. My vegan skincare line has been redesigned and refined, focusing on a few select herbs and oils that have proven themselves indispensable in helping skin be at its best.

So much of what I see used in the market is filler (added for the “feel” of the product, for label appeal, or worse to unnaturally prolong shelf-life) that doesn’t really have a benefit for your skin. Who needs fluff? Keeping real is where it’s at.

And I’m excited to announce I’ll be working from a new studio that has space for retail as well as for friends gathering over a cup of tea.

The seeds for the relaunch of Paradise Skin Co. have been planted- Can’t wait for Spring!

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What Farmers Do Off-Season

the farmers at virgin gorda

Here we are visiting Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. What a wonderful vacation– full of sunshine, snorkeling, and sailing!

With Spring right around the corner, we’re getting itchy to get back to farming but there’s still lots of snow on the ground with very cold nights so it looks like we’ll be ‘vacationing’ a little while longer….

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What about the Herbal?

calendula skin cream


calendula skin cream

Earlier this year, we had to close the online store for our handmade vegan skincare company, Paradise City Herbal, because the micro-farm was taking up all our time.

But Sheri is still making her herbal cremes, butters, salves, and oils, and will be debuting a few new creations this Fall.

You can find Paradise City Herbal skincare at River Valley Market in Northampton and at the Florence Wednesday Farmers Market.

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Garden in the Sky

herbs growing in containers

A piece of our big puzzle has finally fallen into place….

When Hawkeye and I decided we wanted to move from serious hobbyists to dedicated farmers, the first challenge we faced was space. Our house in Northampton sits on just 1/5 acre- not nearly enough land for us to produce enough veg and herbs to share.

Luck was with us though! Just as we were hitting a wall trying to find land to rent, an aquaintance mentioned she had an unused, 3/4 acre property that she would love to have someone farming.

Our Hadley garden was born! The only drawback is the 18 minute drive to get there (on a good day- the time can double if you’re stuck in traffic).

Talking over our goals for the micro-farm recently, Hawkeye brought up an idea he’s mentioned many times before that I’ve never taken seriously: a rooftop garden.

So simple! So obvious! The flat roof over our garage is perfect for building a rooftop garden and would give us the full sun growing area at home we’re currently lacking. But I was intimidated by the amount of work (and money) it would take to make this happen ($25 per square foot is the ballpark figure).

The only other option seems to be to leave Northampton, which isn’t really something we want to do.

Now that I’ve agreed to the project, I’m really excited about it! Can’t wait to see the view from my garden in the sky!