Herbs for You, Me, and the Bees

Herban Gardening / Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
mid-july herb harvest
July 15th’s harvest basket

Want to know the downside of this beautiful basketful of herbs? It was stolen!

Yes, stolen from the bees. They were already busy at work in the garden when I went out in the morning to pick.

Being all too painfully aware of the horrors threatening the bees’ survival (Colony Collapse Disorder, poisoning, industrial farming, loss of habitat), I grow medicinal herbs as much for them as for myself.

Our animal and plant friends need the nutrition and medicine that herbs offer the same as we do. So make sure you plant lots of extras ;)

(herbs in the photo, clockwise from top left: Holy Basil, Bee Balm, Echinacea, St. Johnswort, Calendula)

2 Replies to “Herbs for You, Me, and the Bees”

  1. What beautiful, bright flowers! I’ve been stunned at how every little flower in the garden has been swarmed with bumblebees, honey bees and lots of tiny native bees this year. Very cool to look at … I’ve had trouble thinking of harvesting some bee balm for the same reasons as you!! But we do have a lot of it… I guess i can take a little bit for myself. ;)

    1. I knew you would understand, J. <3

      My solution was to make tincture with my Bee Balm, though I prefer taking tea as medicine in general. Effective doses can be as little as 3 drops, so it seemed a better way to get more medicine with less plant material.

      I wonder what the bees would counsel if we asked....

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