Immerse Yourself in Plant World

Bathtub Therapy, Herbs & Ingredients

Guess we need reminding, since life can be so distractingly busy: To be healthy, we need to spend time outdoors. Nature is good for you, and many studies have been done to lend scientific proof. This article, “How Nature is good for our health and happiness“, explores a 30-day study where people felt better both […]

November 24, 2018

Got Skin? Get Yarrow.

Bathtub Therapy, Herbs & Ingredients, Natural Skin Care

Yarrow flowers close-up (image courtesy of trakaislapsis/123RF)   Yarrow is a plant many people recognize as it’s commonly seen in gardens and growing wild. It has a pretty flower and is a beneficial companion plant both for vegetables and herbs. It’s the go-to herb to treat wounds and cuts as it disinfects, stops bleeding by speeding blood […]

January 20, 2018

Calendula brings the Glow

Bathtub Therapy, Herbs & Ingredients, Natural Skin Care

Cold, grey, and rainy today. I’m thinking about cozying up with one of my favorite plants, a golden beauty long associated with fire and the Sun, Calendula. Calendula officinalis is her botanical name, but she has been known by many different names including Pot Marigold, Merrybud, Marygold, Summer’s Bride, and Ruddles. Calendula’s petals, leaves, and stem […]

November 16, 2017