Can’t find Spring? Make it yourself

D.I.Y., Herban Gardening

If you have access to a forsythia bush, you can make your own Spring a little ahead of the calendar. Forsythia flowers will bloom early if you cut some stems and bring them inside. They’ve lasted over a week on my kitchen table and have been such a treat to have as we’ve just gotten another […]

March 16, 2017

World Fire Cider Making Day!

D.I.Y., Micro-Farm News

Fire Cider is a popular traditional herbal remedy freely shared, made, produced and sold by hundreds of herbalists across the world. The remedy has taken on many different amendments over time, somewhat like chicken soup. Many people have their favorite version, but the base consists of fresh garlic, onions, ginger, horseradish and chile peppers that […]

February 1, 2017

Join me at #HandmadeChat 2/28!

D.I.Y., Micro-Farm News

Every Thursday at 8pm ET, the Indie Business Network (IBN) hosts #HandmadeChat, a weekly Twitter talk show to coach, inform and inspire handmade and creative entrepreneurs. I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be next week’s guest! Indie Business Network is a niche community of small and independent business owners in the handmade and artisanal health, beauty […]

February 21, 2013