Perennial sunflowers you can eat

Herban Gardening

Our last harvest of the year, Sunchoke (Helianthus tuberosus, also called Jerusalem artichoke). A species of sunflower native to eastern North America, Sunchokes were originally cultivated as a food source by Native Americans. Their tubers can be dug until the ground freezes and with proper storage can last through Winter. Europeans must’ve really taken to […]

December 1, 2018

Is there a Hoophouse under that Cucumber vine?

Herban Gardening

Yes, wow! Bolivian Cucumber (‘Achocha’ or ‘Caihua’) grows like no cucumber I’ve ever seen. Planted on one side of the hoophouse, it grew across the top to the other side, then out both sides and over the top on the outside. We’d never heard of Bolivian Cucumber (native to Bolivia/Peru)¬†until we were given a few […]

October 20, 2018

Connect with Plant Magic

Herban Gardening

Fingernails are growing back, getting long again. Guess my gardening season is officially over. Yeah, I’m bummed, but as I pack away the herbs I’ve dried and take stock of whatever tinctures, oils, or vinegars I’ve made, I’m as happy as the first planting day in Spring. I like being around plants all the time, […]

October 5, 2018

Bee Balm harvest, Happy farmer!

Herban Gardening

A life-changing event happened for me a few weeks ago. Herbalist Tony(a) Lemos (director of Blazing Star Herbal School) saw my photo of a Bee Balm plant I’d identified as having powdery mildew and told me I was mistaken. It wasn’t the disease powdery mildew but part of the natural leaf pattern and perfectly fine […]

August 24, 2018