Bath Teas – set of 3


Set of 3 tea bags. Each cotton muslin tea bag contains 1 oz. of a gently fragrant herbal blend. Tea bags are shipped in individual paper sleeves.

  • Lavender*, Sage* & Dead Sea Salt
  • Rose*, Holy Basil* & Coconut
  • Chamomile*, Red Clover* & Oatmeal


What can you do when you’re stressed, frazzled, grumpy, overwhelmed or burnt out? Give yourself a relaxing time-out and take a nice soak in a herbal bath. They soothe and refresh body and mind.

To use

Add tea bag to your tub as it’s filling and leave in to steep as you bathe. Relax and enjoy your soak. Compost the herbs after your bath. Tea bag is reusable.

Shelf life

6 months



* Herbs are Certified Organic