Gardener’s Salve


Handmade salve with a blend of skin-soothing herbs for dry, chapped, cracked, or irritated skin, and the little nicks and cuts common to working hands. Great for moisturizing elbows, knees and feet too. With a light herbal aroma.

Packaged in a recyclable tin that was manufactured in the U.S., 1.75 oz (50 g) net wt.




the herbs:

Tulsi (Holy Basil)^: Can accelerate wound healing. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and analgesic properties.

Sage*: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Lemongrass*: Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Comfrey^: Promotes new skin cell growth. Anti-inflammatory.


the oils:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil*: Conditions and moisturizes.

Virgin Coconut Oil*!: Highly emollient and moisturizing.

Essential Oils: A green / herbal-scented blend of Lime, Marjoram, Lemongrass, Bay, and Ravensara.


the wax:

Candelilla Wax: Vegan substitute for beeswax, derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub. Softening and protective.


* Certified Organic

^ Farm grown

! Fair Trade

Shelf life

12 months